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Production Narrative

by T. Shaw

VSW Press Founder Joan Lyons and the artist are obvious resources for an accurate production narrative of this title.

Critical Analysis

by T. Shaw

Design Features

imagery: The relatively crude shapes and slightly jaggy lines of relief prints make up all of the imagery which is largely figurative of sun bathers and other beach dwellers in swimsuits along with all the appropriate acoutrements.

graphical: The design is full bleed imagery on every page. There is no text, only visuals.

openings: Openings are consistent throughout. Each opening is one stage of an animated sequence of graphic imagery.

turnings: The turnings are varied spread to spread to engage the reader in the visual narrative running through the book.

development: The development contains swells, a climax, and other visual rythmns making the narrative complex.

sequence: The sequence feeds the main narrative line, that of a young boy becoming older then flying into the sun like Icarus, then returning to the beach, burned and defeated by the beach crowd apparently bored by this spectacle.

Critical Discussion

The main line of inquiry with this visual narrative is the loss of innocence motif as told through clearly paced plot points. Thematic discussion may center upon the crowd that turns away from the event.

At the Beach


Babette Katz

type: initiating


publication: 1988

note: [T. Shaw]

Visual Studies Workshop Press

type: initiating


location: Rochester, New York

Publication Information

edition type: editioned

publisher: Visual Studies Workshop Press

place: Rochester, New York

publication: 1988-00-00


vertical: 9 inches closed

horizontal: 7 inches closed

Production Information

production means:
offset (local)

binding: saddle stitching (AAT) Perfect Bound

bookBlock: paper

ink (local)


general description:

format: codex (AAT)

cover: Paper

color: no


pagination: unpaginated 40

numbered?: unnumbered

signed?: unsigned