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Beside Me

Edition 1, Object 1


copy number: ISBN 0-9731958-6-X

particulars: Some of the copies have mis-spelt names: “Caroline” should be “Carolyn;” “Saddy J” should be “Sadie J;” “Jeannie” should be “Ginny.” Some of the protective sheets of paper placed between imaged pages were accidentally left in the book by the printer while being bound.

condition: very fine

conservation treatment: none


collection: Ohio State University, Fine Arts Library, Columbus, Ohio, USA; Ohio University, Alden Library, Athens, Ohio, USA; The National Library of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; Private collections: in Canada, in Japan, in Malaysia, in the Netherlands, and the USA

provenance: This book is currently owned by the artist. [L. Levergneux]

rights: Louise Levergneux has all rights over this work.

Exhibition Information:

exhibition requirements: Please handle with care.

exhibition history: 2006 The Centre for Applied Canine Behaviour, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada