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Dark, The Bat Elf Banquets the Pupae

Edition 1, Object 1


copy number: Unnumbered

particulars: Each copy has its own specific small differences since the edition was very much handmade.

inscription: none

condition: good

conservation treatment: none


institution: N/A

collection: The Collection of Johanna Drucker

location: artist's archive

provenance: In the artist's collection since production, presumably, though a couple of these copies were "recovered" from other sources. [J. Drucker]

rights: Johanna Drucker owns all rights to this publication.

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manuscript type: other

location: artist's archive

General Comments

The distribution of the thirteen original copies of this book would be interesting to know. I think that one went to Amy Urdang, one to Stephanie Sacksteder, one to John Chetkovich (though it may have be 'recovered'), one to Betsy Davids, two my parents (one was certainly 'recovered'). I still have two, I think, one in the dep archive, and one that I show. But that leaves five unaccounted for. A couple may be in collections, one may be at the Getty. [J. Drucker]