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Production Narrative

by C. Meador


Critical Analysis

by E. Rettberg

Design Features

imagery: Like "Rising, Converging," the book features several sets of images of landscapes, animals, and people.

turnings: The dual-page size design presents sans-serif text on the small cards as a patch of white in a photographic field.

Critical Discussion

The text paratactically presents a seemingly discontinuous narrative that begins by exploring the building of agricultural landscapes and then presents images of animals in their natural habitats; the juxtaposition, in the end, of ducks flying off the surface of a pond with speedboats cruising along a lake suggests a breakdown of the animal/human and natural/artificial barriers. The book's last image and text of "A city after war" finishes the book on a deeply destructive note, and the image of a broken city reinforces the breakdown of the ordered terraces that seem to control nature in the book's first pages.

Foxtrot Oscar Lima Lima Yankee


Clifton Meador

type: initiating


Publication Information

edition type: editioned

publisher: Clifton Meador

place: Purchase, NY

publication: 1991-01-00:1991-03-00

edition size: unknown


horizontal: 6 inches closed

vertical: 7.875 inches closed

depth: .375 inches closed

horizontal: small inner pages: 4.375 inches opened

vertical: small inner pages: 2.5 inches opened

Production Information

production means:
offset (local)

binding: spiral (AAT)

bookBlock: paper

ink (local)


general description: The spiral-bound book has beige covers; the pages inside alternate between large altered-photographic spreads and small card pages with text.

format: codex (AAT)

cover: The front cover features a simple vertical line of the title's words and the flags that represent them; the front cover is light brown, and the back cover is light gray.

color: yes


pagination: unpaginated

numbered?: unnumbered

signed?: unsigned


Printed and Produced at the Center for Editions, Visual Arts Division, S.U.N.Y. at Purchase, Purchase, New York.