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Project Statement


Described in "The Century of Artists' Books" as "a journalistic acount of a series of performances of a single piece. The book begins with a description of 'the identical lunch' which consists primarily of 'a tunafish sandwich on wheat toast with lettuce and butter, no mayo, and a large glass of buttermilk or a cup of soup.' These were eaten 'many days of each week at the same place and at about the same time.' After this description, and a reproduction of a restaurant check for the same (total, with tax, $1.68, for two) there follows a series of accounts of the performance of this 'identical lunch' by Susan Hartung, John Giorno, Dick Higgins, Vernon Hinkle, and others. Many of these accounts have dates, some identify the place and circumstances and difficulties or rewards of the performance. The accounts are recorded in different formats - perhaps by the original performers - using typewriter, typesetting, handwriting, and so forth. The book collects records of lunches which both are and are not identical" (345-346).

Journal of the Identical Lunch

Alison Knowles

title note: [S. Muradi]


Alison Knowles

type: initiating


born: US


birth: 00/00/1933

note: [J.Drucker]

Publication Information

publisher: Nova Broadcast Press

publication: 1971-00-00

publication history: []

Aesthetic Profile


non-fiction (AAT)

themes: Making connections (through food and among people), relationships between people and what they eat, recorded accounts/journal-keeping. []

content form:
documentary (local)

publication tradition:
artists' book (local)

inspiration: []

related works: "An Anecdoted Typography of Chance" by Daniel Spoerri and Emmett Williams as well as "Post-Partum Document by Mary Kelly, both of which record performances/accounts in a documentary format. []

other influences: []

community: other Fluxus [J.Drucker]

note: []

Exhibition Information

exhibition history:

reception history: Discussed in the "Books as Document" section of "The Century of Artists' Books" by Johanna Drucker.

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General Comments

This book is a classic Fluxus artifact, a work of wit and wonderful archness, earnestness, and skill. [J.Drucker]