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Project Statement

by J. Drucker

Kidz was written in California, in the late 1970s, as the punk energies were still present in the pop culture world. The text is a scree against patriarchy and authority, an anti-Oedipal stream of maniac infantilism in dark prose, but meant to be funny, outrageous, irreverent. Conceived as a little pamphlet, the project resulted in a limited edition of this very brief work. It consists of a white cover wrapping a single sheet in the interior printed with black ink. The paper was Rives, thick, cottony, precious, object-like, and capable of sustaining the imagery, transforming it into an artifact.


Johanna Drucker

title note: The orthography was deliberate, of course, and meant to introduce a dark, punk, expressionist commentary. [J. Drucker]


Johanna Drucker

type: initiating


born: United States
active: United States
citizenship: United States

birth: 1952-05-30

Publication Information

publisher: self-published

publication: 1979-00-00

publication history: One edition only. [J. Drucker]

Aesthetic Profile


artists' books (LCSH)

themes: childhood, sexuality [A. Schutte]

themes: anger [J. Drucker]

content form:
prose (local)

publication tradition:
artists' book (local)

inspiration: Knut Hamsun's Hunger and German expressionist woodblocks. [J. Drucker]

related works: Jane and S Crap S Ample were all done in the same cycle of production as Kidz, the fall and winter of 1979 through early 1980. I also did a punk-rock performance, "First Rush," for which I still have the poster. It was a Cortland Corners, billed as a poetry reading. I read/sang a work with tape recorder, "How Come You Want to Kiss Me When You Know I Eat Shit?" while wearing an outrageous outfit with underwear on the outside, goggles, a bathing hat and other strange and bizarre things. [J.Drucker]

other influences: A general punk sensibility was clearly influential, though I was never really a punker or involved with that music or the scene. [J. Drucker]

community: other The poets were always a community at that time, and after, since I'd returned to the Bay Area. Though by that time, I was increasingly estranged from the core group. [J. Drucker]

Exhibition Information

exhibition history: In exhibitions of my work.

reception history: None to speak of.

Related Documents

manuscript type: texts

location: other

note: No manuscripts remain that I can find of any kind.