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Critical Analysis

by E. Rettberg

Design Features

imagery: Many of the photographic images in the book are versions of a large photograph of a family that appears on pages 12/13; the image is cropped and enlarge to show only certain family members.

My Mother's Book


Joan Lyons

type: initiating


Publication Information

edition type: editioned

publisher: Joan Lyons

place: Rochester, NY

publication: 1993-00-00

edition size: Unknown


depth: 1/8 inches closed

horizontal: 5 3/4 inches closed

vertical: 8 inches closed


general description: The gold-toned photograph on the front cover suggests the overall, sepia-toned feel of the book; old photographs are printed on facing pages from large sections of documentary prose.

format: codex (AAT)

cover: An image of a young girl printed in gold ink on the front cover sits below the title and author's name; on the back cover, a pop-art abstraction of a photograph of an older woman is printed in the same gold ink.

color: yes It appears that a brown ink was used along with the black ink; the front cover, of course, uses a gold ink.

devices: None.


pagination: paginated 48 pages, some folded

numbered?: unnumbered

signed?: unsigned