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Johanna Drucker


Johanna Drucker

type: initiating


born: United States
active: United States
citizenship: United States

birth: 1952-05-30

Publication Information

publisher: Druckwerk

publication: 1984-00-00

publication history: To say this book was "published" is an overstatement. A handful of these copies were made, about 10, to distribute the text among friends and colleagues I thought might find it interesting. The book is a second state of the manuscript, rather than an actual book publication. [J. Drucker]

Aesthetic Profile


artists' books (LCSH)

themes: Film theory, production, history, and the general strangeness of human creativity as evidenced on the description of the proposed remaking of Ben Hur in real and fantasy accounts. [J. Drucker]

content form:
narrative (local)
experimental text (local)

publication tradition:
artists' book (local)

inspiration: The inspirations for this book came directly from film studies at Berkeley where I was listening to Bertrand Augst's lectures and discussions of film, the materiality of the signifier, and descriptions of or responses to works of the most interesting and inspiring experimental cinema or pioneering silent era. The tales of Bunel and Eisenstein in Mexico, and of the making of Ben Hur, and other particulars and fantasies, all blended in the main texts, which also drew on themes of film theory and criticism. [J. Drucker]

other influences: Without wanting to sound pretentious, the work of Jean Luc Godard, Luis Bunuel, and Jean Marie Straub with Danielle Huillet were all influences on my thinking about form and composition. Godard for the intercutting of fiction and theory and observation, Bunuel for the fantasmatic, and Straub/Huillet for rigorous insistence on procedural technique and material authenticity. [J. Drucker]

community: other Bertrand Augst, the film studies community, and the poets in the Bay Area were all part of the audience I was aiming to engage. [J. Drucker]

Related Documents

manuscript type: texts

location: artist's archive

note: The original manuscript notebook.

manuscript type: mockups

location: artist's archive

note: The pasted up pages from which the xeroxes were editioned.